Ford Foundation Careers – 100 Ford Foundation jobs in United States 2021*

Ford Foundation Careers is one of the premier organizations focusing on helping developing world communities and how they can better their futures through business and governance. Hazelden betty ford foundation careers is a unique blend of business and philanthropy. It was started in 1914 by Henry Ford, whose brother was a practicing dentist and whose father had been a successful car dealer in Detroit. With the help of his brother, Ford started the Ford Motor Company which later became a world leader. During the company’s growth, however, other ideas kept coming into play including social programs that would give priority to the underprivileged. Today, we take a look at some of the Ford Foundation careers in education and development.Ford Foundation Careers - 100 Ford Foundation jobs in United States 2021* Ford Blog

As part of its education and development work, the Ford Foundation has two foundation schools namely the Global Education Lab School and the Bill Clinton School of Public Service at the University of Arkansas. The Global Education Lab School educates young people on the skills that are demanded in a competitive world. This includes skills in language training, IT, business development, and entrepreneurship. Bill Clinton School of Public Service trains future politicians and government leaders on the skills they need to become a champion for the cause of women and girls around the world. For both these schools, the base salary for Foundation careers is around $40k per year.

Ford Foundation Careers and Employment

The Ford Foundation also has an associate degree program for those who wish to get a non-profit organization certification. For an associate degree, students will be taught skills such as fundraising, management, and project management. The average yearly salary for this job title is around $45k per year. This is just the average yearly salary for the full range of Foundation jobs. The second foundation school that you can study at is the William D. Ford Foundation, which is located in Chicago, IL. Students studying at the William D. Ford Foundation will learn about the importance of public service, along with other skills such as strategic planning and business development. Students who have graduated from this program will earn a higher second-generation income, which is one of the highest salaries available at any private, civic, or non-profit organization.

Ford Foundation Careers - 100 Ford Foundation jobs in United States 2021* Ford Blog

For students who wish to obtain a degree in international relations at the University of Illinois – College of Business, they will be able to choose between two foundation degrees. Those who have a foreign language degree will be able to enter the administration field at the William D. Ford Foundation, while individuals who have fluency in a foreign language will be eligible for the pan Asian communities-up program. The average salary for the first-year program is up to forty thousand dollars per year. The second year, however, sees a salary range of fifty thousand dollars per year. There are many other foundation degree programs offered through the University of Illinois’ Schools of Business, but the two listed above are some of the most popular. If you are currently looking for a new career or simply want to change your career, the Ford Foundation may be an ideal place to start. There are a number of local organizations, corporations, and government agencies that have been named after Ford products and services. If you already have experience in development and management, you may even qualify for a position with the ford foundation India careers. To find out more about what Ford Foundation careers have in store for graduates, check out their website today. There you can also view current job openings and apply for the various positions.


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Ford Foundation Careers is an American private foundation with the mission of advancing human welfare. Created in 1936 by Edsel Ford and his father Henry Ford, it was originally funded by a US$25,000 gift from Edsel Ford....Ford Foundation makes grants through its headquarters and ten international field offices.

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